Company History


Our history started in the post-World War 2 years thanks to the idea of Giuseppe Casagrande who,with a horse-drawn cart, went around salvaging materials to recycle them in the most appropriateway.

The experience became an entrepreneurial idea and, with the help of war surplus trucks, of hard manual labor and an intense will to succeed, Giuseppe with his wife Lina and some trusted employees turned recycling into their mission.

In just a few years, Casagrande Giuseppe became a symbol of professionalism and precision in delivering customer service. The founder was joined by his son Dario who, passionately believing in his father’s experience and in the importance of recycling, together with his inseparable wife Mirella kept the enterprise going and made it ever stronger on the market, instilling their love for this work in their son Lorenzo, as well.

With the work of the family and of its six employees, Casagrande Dario is still, to this very day, pursuing the mission set out by the founder Giuseppe, who saw the firm as first and foremost a family, and recycling as the basis to give everyone a better world.
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