Casagrande Dario provides equipment positioning services at customers’ premises, e.g. containers, press containers, stationaryand vertical pressesnonché removal of materials from yards with grapple trucksfor customers needing to dispose of large quantities of waste.

For customers who, instead, have small spaces available or period or who periodically need to empty archives, eliminate confidential documents, or pick up limited quantities of waste, we offer micro-collection servicesand, when required, also small load hauling services..

Casagrande Dario, normally using its own equipment, picks up the full container exchanging itwith an identical empty one, transports the material and transfers it to its own site to conduct the selection, sorting and salvaging operations required before the waste can be reused.

Our vehicle poolcomprises tractors fitted with removable equipment and cranes, trailers, vans for micro-collection, as well as many equipment items such as containers, press containers,stationary and vertical presses.

Casagrande Dario provides its customers with the decade-long expertise it has accumulated in thewaste disposal industry, recommending the most suitable equipment for the waste to be transferred and for the customer’s logistics; it also provides information and assistance in filling out the documentation and ensuring compliance with current environmental regulations,and it aids customers in the periodic transmission of detailed statistics.

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